Food Specifications

Food Product Specifications sheets here.

Please note that these are our standard processing specifications. Specifications maybe negotiated for large quantity orders. Please contact us for further information.

Just click on any of the following products to download a copy in pdf format...


For a Nutritional Guide Barker Boy Fresh products, 'click here'






Apple Diced


Onion Diced


Apple Sliced


Onion Sliced


Apple Whole Peeled


Onion White Diced




Onion Whole Peeled








Onion Red Diced


Beetroot Diced


Onion Red Whole Peeled








Parsley Chopped






Cabbage Red/Green Diced


Parsnip Diced


Cabbage Red/Green Shredded


Parsnip Sliced




Parsnip Whole and Portions


Capsicum Diced




Capsicum Sliced


Pineapple Diced






Carrot Baton


Pizza Topping Mix


Carrot Diced




Carrot Handcut Julienne


Potato Mini Roast Skin On


Carrot Shredded


Potato Peeled Diced


Carrot Sliced


Potato Peeled Sliced


Carrot Whole Peeled


Potato Whole Peeled






Cauliflower Florets


Potato Red Diced (skin on)






Celery Baton Handcut


Pumpkin Baton


Celery Diced


Pumpkin Diced


Celery Sliced


Pumpkin Portions






Chicken Stir Fry


Rhubarb Sliced






Chilli Jalapeno Peppers Diced


Spinach Sliced


Chilli Jalapeno Peppers Sliced






Spring Onion Sliced








Swede / Turnip Baton




Swede / Turnip Diced






Cucumber Diced


Sweet Potato Diced




Sweet Potato Sliced


Eggplant Diced






Tomato Diced


Honeydew Rockmelon Diced


Tomato Sliced






Leek Sliced


Zucchini Diced




Zucchini Shredded


Lettuce Iceburg Shredded






Zucchini Sliced


Mushroom Diced




Mushroom Sliced